First Report of the riots in England

Arrests so far from cops (from Saturday night):

London: 770
West Midlands: 300

Manchester: 113
Notincham: 90
Merseyside: 50
Avon / Somerset: 24
Leicester: 14

Cambridge: 5

Gklaoutsester: 3

TOTAL: 1,369

London arrests Monday evening: 310
Charged with classes in London so far: 167
32 people have passed by a court to date, 18 were detained.
218 arrests in Birmingham, Salford and West Brom, 23 face charges.
47 arrests in Manchester.

Distribution of arrests in London the other night riot:
Born in the 1960’s: 2
Born in the 1970’s: 6
Born in the 1980’s: 49
Born in the 1990’s: 98

Emergency calls to police on Monday evening: 20800

Emergency calls to the Fire Service in London on Monday night: 2169 – 15 times above normal from Main.

Injured cops Monday evening: 44
Extra cops came to London on Monday evening of the following areas: Thames Valley, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Surrey,

Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Sussex.

Number of cops who patrol London: 16,000
Total cost of damage so far: £ 100,000,000



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